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Battle of Five Armies: Warriors of Dain by Tulikoura
Battle of Five Armies: Warriors of Dain
"... The rocks were stained black with goblin blood. Just as the goblins were recovering from the onslaught and the elf-charge was halted, there rose from across the valley a deep-throated roar. With cries of "Moria!" and "Dain, Dain!" the dwarves of the Iron Hills plunged in, wielding their mattocks, upon the other side; and beside them came the men of the Lake with long swords. Panic came upon the Goblins; and even as they turned to meet this new attack, the elves charged again with renewed numbers. Already many of the goblins were flying back down the river to escape from the trap: and many of their own wolves were turning upon them and rending the dead and the wounded. Victory seemed at hand, when a cry rang out on the heights above.

Goblins had scaled the Mountain from the other side and already many were on the slopes above the Gate, and others were streaming down recklessly, heedless of those that fell screaming from cliff and precipice, to attack the spurs from above. Each of these could be reached by paths that ran down from the main mass of the Mountain in the centre; and the defenders had too few to bar the way for long. Victory now vanished from hope. They had only stemmed the first onslaught of the black tide."
Drawing ink work. Finally had a moment & will to continue this serie. Previous works: "Battle of Five Armies: Elves of Mirkwood… and "Battle of Five Armies: Men of Esgaroth"… . Next will be Thorin's charge against Bolg. "Beorn Finds Thorin" has been made earlier… . Final work, "Thorin's Farewell", is also planned.

Check also the first entry of Iron Hill dwarves during the war between dwarves and orcs… and younger Dáin… and older Dáin… kicking some orc/easterling butts.
Hyvää joulua!
Fröhliche Weihnachten!
God Jul!

And towards "art-rich" new year 2016.

I'm currently illustrating a small scale rpg book project, and that'll take a month at least. Then, hopefully, time to draw Middle-Earth stuff again :)
2015 was a busy year for me: master's thesis, relationship, final university-related internship, constant job hunting, some paid commissions and now few days ago, finally graduation! Master of science, economic and business adminstration. Poor year when it comes to drawing (other than compulsory ones), but maybe it will get better next year. The pile of sketches is quite... unnerving.
Firstly the not-so-happy part. Honestly speaking, I haven't been that active in DA for couple of years. It would be fair to say that finishing my studies at the university and difficulties in the job market have been stressful (says captain Obvious) but now I'm finally finishing my master's thesis and graduating soon as MSc, majoring in Innovation management. Fairly cool and such. However the main reason for taking some distance to DA is a personal issue, that has caused some "grief work" for these years. And the simpleton's way is to avoid things that reminds of such issues ("aus den Augen, aus dem Sinn" like the German saying goes). But when these issues seriously start to affect my hobbies as well it's a no-go situation. Things need to change, and there are plenty of things changing anyways in near future.

Enough about that matter. Lately I have been sketching about Battle of Five Armies, mostly about Dáin's folk. I think this small serie will look something like this:

- Battle of Five Armies: Men of Esgaroth (done)
- Battle of Five Armies: Elves of Mirkwood (done)
- Battle of Five Armies: Warriors of Dáin
- Battle of Five Armies: Bolg
- Battle of Five Armies: Charge of Thorin
- Battle of Five Armies: Surrounded
- Beorn Finds Thorin (done)
- Thorin's Farewell (reaaally old sketches about this one, recently I saw a really nice fan-made song about Lament for Thorin and it inspired me to do some more)

Thank you for commenting my works, for your suggestions (petty dwarves will come some day!) and everything else as well. Those have been highly appreciated :)
Hyvää joulua!
Fröhliche Weihnachten!
God Jul!

And towards "art-rich" new year 2016.

I'm currently illustrating a small scale rpg book project, and that'll take a month at least. Then, hopefully, time to draw Middle-Earth stuff again :)


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Joona Kujanen
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Current Residence: Finland
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dwindt Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Outstanding pen art. You have some great patience. Well done on your studies and keep up the excellent art.
moppiwolf Featured By Owner Edited 6 days ago  New Deviant
Really good work and well done on your dd I'm so jealous........the details in your work are great really good drawing style ☺
wildewalder Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Hobbyist Photographer
You sir, are a true artist. Your drawings from Tolkiens books brings me so much memories.... I´ve readed them all.... 

so much details....

thank you sir /,,/
Tulikoura Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great to hear that :) especially since I know it requires "similar" mindset from artist and the reader in order to enjoy Middle-earth inspired art (there exists as many differing opinions on how things look like as there are artists!).

Thank you for visiting, and glad that you liked what you saw.
liger0schnider Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015
Love your drawings :D!
Tulikoura Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you :)
Orphydian Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist

You might want to join our group

Its specialised on high detailed military illustrations and it will host only the finest deviations and will gather some of the most talented artists.

And yes Ive already checked your gallery .

Tulikoura Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for letting me know, I'll check this!
Astalo Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
On kyllä mahtavan yksityiskohtainen piirtotyyli etenkin niissä muutamassa Hobittiin liittyvässä taistelukuvassasi.

Heh.. Yritin etsiskellä äsken muita kotimaisia seppiä DA:sta ja osuin sivullesi, koska yksi kollega käyttää juuri samaa nimimerkkiä eri myyntitapahtumissa. :)
Tulikoura Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tattista vaan, kyllähän niitä on tullu näverrettyä noita töitä :)

Niin sitä vaan luulee että "no tätä nickiä nyt ei ole ainakaan viety" ja kappas vaan kun sattuu kohdalle. Tulikouria taitaa olla kirurgikin ihan sukunimeltään ja niin edelleen. Hassua kyllä, ensin meinasin nickiksi "rautio"-teemaista sanaa vaikka mitään tekemistä sepäntyön kanssa ei minulla olekaan.
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