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February 24, 2013
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Battle of Five Armies: Elves of Mirkwood by Tulikoura Battle of Five Armies: Elves of Mirkwood by Tulikoura
"A few brave men of Esgaroth were strung before goblins to make a feint of resistance, and many there fell before the rest drew back and fled to either side. As Gandalf had hoped, the goblin army had gathered behind the resisted vanguard, and poured now in rage into the valley, driving wildly up between the arms of the Mountain, seeking for the foe. Their banners were countless, black and red, and they came on like a tide in fury and disorder.

The elves were the first to charge. Their hatred for the goblins is cold and bitter. Their spears and swords shone in the gloom with a gleam of chill flame, so deadly was the wrath of the hands that held them. As soon as the host of their enemies was dense in the valley, they sent against it a shower of arrows, and each flickered as it fled as if with stinging fire. Behind the arrows a thousand of their spearmen leapt down and charged. The yells were deafening. The rocks were stained black with goblin blood. Just as the goblins were recovering from the onslaught and the elf-charge was halted, there rose from across the valley a deep-throated roar. With cries of "Moria!" and "Dain, Dain!" the dwarves of the Iron Hills plunged in, wielding their mattocks, upon the other side; and beside them came the men of the Lake with long swords. Panic came upon the Goblins; and even as they turned to meet this new attack, the elves charged again with renewed numbers. Already many of the goblins were flying back down the river to escape from the trap: and many of their own wolves were turning upon them and rending the dead and the wounded. Victory seemed at hand, when a cry rang out on the heights above.

Goblins had scaled the Mountain from the other side and already many were on the slopes above the Gate, and others were streaming down recklessly, heedless of those that fell screaming from cliff and precipice, to attack the spurs from above. Each of these could be reached by paths that ran down from the main mass of the Mountain in the centre; and the defenders had too few to bar the way for long. Victory now vanished from hope. They had only stemmed the first onslaught of the black tide."

Pen & drawing ink work. Previous work: "Battle of Five Armies: Men of Esgaroth" [link]. Probably going to be followed by: Dain's warriors and/or Thorin's company and Iron Hill dwarves/ Bolg's warriors. "Beorn Finds Thorin" has been made earlier [link]. Final work, "Thorin's Farewell", is also planned.
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brilliant again
GiuseppeSchillaci Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
very good interpretations! your works on Tolkien saga are really well interpreted.
EduardoLeon Oct 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
JDR-Illustrator Jun 1, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
My friend, I look forward to seeing your images in complete black and white ink; but keep in mind there is a certain charm in the mixing of the graphite and ink, as well.
Razielus91 May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing work

There are so many fine details and each of them look perfect
Keep up the good work :)
Whoop de-doo! Your fight scenes keep getting bigger.
bagasuit091 Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Tulikoura Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much!
You're improving mate! Why? You ask? Because I think the individual characters in this piece are more recognasible as such. They are a whole, but you can pick them apart. I really like the design of your Elves. You have an original take, not 'tainted' by movies so to speak. I would love to see yor view on Dain's Dwarves, being the most heavily armed and armoured fighters of their era. Very well rendered once again. You make me want to draw/paint battles. :D

Have you ever considered using ink wash instead of graphite? Somehow I think it would suit your work even more. Especially the skies. Why? Well, you are very good at texturing with ink lines, so somehow the use of praphite seems redundant to me. You could texture the rock with ink lines and lightly ink-wash the skies.

Man I adore your style!
Tulikoura Mar 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks W! I agree with "more clear lines" and such, and whole-heartely with this graphite pencil issue. I have found that I'm starting to dislike using it, it doesnt look too good despite having certain aspects that make drawing easier, and recently I have used it a lot for backrounds and such. Too much, maybe. In a way I liked when I used drawing ink for everything. Ink wash would bring this to a new level, it's a very nice suggestion. When should I have courage to try that I wonder XD...

Some attempts to draw Iron Mountain dwarves was made in that serie where the battle of Nanduhirion was involved. Your depiction of a Iron Hill dwarf with heavy ringmail armour was very spot on in my opinion.

I can't draw faces too well, especially when it comes to elven faces... Lack of beard is all I can manage :lol:
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