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July 21, 2011
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Battle of Fornost by Tulikoura Battle of Fornost by Tulikoura
"During the Angmar War, what was left of the ancient realm of Arnor was under attack. While not ignoring the North-Kingdom, King Eärnil II had trouble of his own, and could not spare any of his troops to send North. It took long until King felt his South-Kingdom was secured, and he could fulfill his promise to aid the northern part. In Autumn 1973 messages arrived to Gondor, and King learnt that the Witch-king was preparing for the final blow against Arthedain. King sent his son Eärnur north. Though his fleet sailed rapidly, he was not in time to save Arthedain or Arvedui, its last king. But his massive fleet - it filled Mithlond, Harlond and Forlond - was hailed by the Men that had survived the last defeat, and the Elves also. To Gondor's standards, the expeditionary force was mediocre in size. It did, however, include cavalry from Rhovanion, which would prove useful on the wide lands of the North.

The Elves of Lindon and the remnant of the northern Dúnedain joined Eärnur's army and the combined forces marched against the Witch-king. He now lived in Fornost, so was told, where he gathered troops from the region. The Witch-king had grown overconfident, and instead of staying behind his fortifications he initiated the attack, and led his army to the plains. The Battle of Fornost was fought on the plain between the Lake Nenuial and the North Downs, where the army of Witch-king was defeated by the army of West. His army began to fall back toward Fornost, but Eärnur’s main force flanked them and struck from the north, routing the majority of the army.

The Witch-king regrouped the remnants of his army, and fled to Angmar and the safety of Carn Dûm. The cavalry, led by Eärnur himself, overtook him before he reached the mountains. Moreover, the ranks of the allies swelled, as an army of elves from Rivendell came led by the mighty hero of old, Glorfindel. Angmar was purged complitely of men and orcs, and all seemed lost for the Witch-king in the face of such numbers.

The Witch-king himself came at the last, robed and masked in black and riding a black horse; in his anger he was terrible to behold. Amongst cavalrymen he saw the Captain of Gondor, and rode toward him shrieking like a beast. Eärnur would have met the assault, but his horse shied away and fled, and it took some time before Eärnur could regain control. The Witch-king laughed, and everyone who heard it never forgot how terrible his voice was. But Glorfindel came on his white horse, and faced with such power the Witch-king fled. He vanished into the shadows, and no-one marked where he had gone."


Drawing ink + graphite pencil work, took about 5 hours. This theme was suggested to me, and boy, it took some time to find the right part (telling about the battle of Fornost) from the book. I looked for it from the Silmarillion and from the Unfinished Tales, but after all, it was in the appendix of lotr book, which would have been easiest to check...!

Drawing horses is always darn difficult - either I mess with anatomy or size (those creatures ARE huge). Better to follow good strategy and hide it under clothing or armor, hehe.
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Libra1010 Apr 9, 2014  New member
 Looking at this image makes me wish that more artists were willing to depict the Wars between the successor-Kingdoms of Arnor and Angmar; I suspect that it's a setting with a great deal of scope for Battle Scenes!  
Kememmotar Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow. your art is so incredible. considering so much is done in pen, the level of detail astounds me. Q.Q
Amazing work and excellent story to go along with it :D
Tulikoura Apr 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you! The story was mainly drawn from the appendix part of LotR book - or better said, my translation of it combined with some parts from sources like Tolkien Gateway.

Those horses, durrh.. if only traditional drawing would have ctrl+z XD
Perhaps my favorite section of all with the Nazgul.
Tulikoura Dec 7, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yep, Witch-King of Angmar is a real badass, but still fears Glorfindel. This short story about the fate of Northern Kingdom is one of my favourites.
Ragnarok6664 Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the drama of situation, the mist-/-smoke really adds allot to it :)
Tulikoura Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks, I'm quite happy with this but I think it could have been a dark evening instead of this bright "day". This white blizzard/wind/mist swirling around Witch King was one way to show that he controlled the elements in the North.

Horses are too small, but well, that was expected ;)
I totally missed this one, but I love it!!! I like the traditional medieval design of the Gondorians. I absolutely adore the way you have drawn the Witch-king. No nasty pointy flashy armour. But mysterious and shrouded in robes. What's beneath we may all guess at. And friggin huge!! :D

The horses are pretty good. They are difficult to draw but you did well.

You excell at scenes such as this. I applaud you :clap:
Tulikoura May 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yep, I love to draw norman-styled armours and especially ringmail. The shield on Eärnur's back looks like a heater shield to me, though. Witch-King doesn't have nasty pointy armor as he was described to wear black robes, still it was tricky to draw him well because he's quite small. I can say that I messed up perspective a bit too.

Thank you for the compliment about horses. These creatures are real suckers to draw and I swear that they start shrinking right away before ink dries... that's a citizen for you who hasn't ever stood next to a real horse. And poor Witch-King who was supposed to fled into dark shadows... good luck, you're the only one wearing black robes in this blinding white snowfield.
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